Advanced Loudspeaker Application Development Project

Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator System

Project MCAP-CR

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 Welcome to the world of the most advanced bass-reflex loudspeakers!

 You will find uncovered feature of bass-reflex loudspeaker enclosure. There are some keywords.

  1. Wide-Range
  2. Clear resolution in low frequency range
  3. Rennovation
  4. Multiple-Degree of Freedom
  5. Model Based Approach

 The world of multiple-degree of freedom applications will attract you!

 Let us visit more details about applications. Choose menu from the left pane and discover the world that you did not know!

Base Technology
MCAP-CR family
Pipe Resonator Family
Technical Documents
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  MCAP-CR is patented by Japan Patent Office (patent# 5083703).
  It is not for commercial use without contract.
  Try one of applications and make sure that MCAP-CR is good for highest-end applications, if you are interested in commercial use.

  This is personal small laboratory. Any kind of financial assistance is appreciated.
  Contact me at: .

  Author: Shigeru Suzuki


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