Advanced Loudspeaker Application Development Project

Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator System

Project MCAP-CR

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List of Technical Documents

Document ID
Title of Document
Date Released
MCAP001E Equations to Calculate Characteristic Frequency of Multiple Chamber Aligned in Parallel Cavity Resonator (MCAP-CR) 2008/03/23
MCAP002E Basic Concepts 2008/03/23
MCAP003E Simulation of Single Bass Reflex Speaker System 2009/08/09
MCAP004E Clasification of MDOF-CRs 2011/02/27
MCAP005E Developing Equation of Motion of MDOF-CRs 2011/02/27
MCAP006E Simplified Method to Estimate Characteristic Frequencies of MCAP-CR 2008/11/09
MCAP007E Generalized Multiple Degree of Freesom Cavity Resonators 2008/11/08
MCAP008E Numerical Simulation of Standard MCAP-CR Loudspeaker System 2011/12/01
MCAPX003E Report of Research: Bass Reflex Speaker System(1)
Presented at 103rd Sandokai Conference by Tezukuri Amp no Kai

These documents may be too technical for some readers.
These documents are written to show all the models are based on physics and engineering.
In case you find any discrepancy in the models or calculation, please report to Shigeru Suzuki at .

Technical contents are also included in the software list.
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  MCAP-CR is patented by Japan Patent Office (patent# 5083703).
  It is not for commercial use without contract.
  Try one of applications and make sure that MCAP-CR is good for highest-end applications, if you are interested in commercial use.

  This is personal small laboratory. Any kind of financial assistance is appreciated.
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