Advanced Loudspeaker Application Development Project

Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator System

Project MCAP-CR

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About Myself

Shigeru Suzuki (Mr.)

I live in
Tokyo, Japan
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My Audio Life

I became interested in audio products when I was a middle school student.

 Speaker craft became my hobby in 1990. First craft work was simple bass reflex speaker using FE166Sigma driver by Fostex. I was surprised at the performance of full range system at that time. I gave up commercial speaker system since then and began seeking possibility of speaker crafts especially with full range drivers.

 My reference textbooks were written by Tetsuo Nagaoka. I bought other books, but they did not interest me at all. My real reference books are engineering, mathematics and science textbooks. Speaker craft guidebooks are almost nothing for me.

 I tried multiple degree of freedom system with quadrapole chamber aligned in series cavity resonator in 2006. It was absolutely failed ssystem, and also I made serous calculation mistake. I developed MCAP-CR in 2007 based on above experience.

 I am not good at electricity, so I focus on mechanical part of loudspeaker design.
Base Technology
MCAP-CR family
Pipe Resonator Family
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Loudspeaker system
 Analyzing loudspeaker system is physics itself. I am disappointed at current loudspeaker development in this industry. I often see meaningless theories in this industry. Users should not be cheated by fake theories. Why don't you come and join me to develop loudspeaker system based on science and engineering.

Favorite Music
 I prefer classical musics. Favorite composers are Handel, Haydn, Gounod, Glinka, Shostakovitch, and so on.

 I prefer opera and want to visit Europe every year to enjoy opera music. I wish I could live in Europe.
 I do not prefer jazz or popular musics. They do not interest me from audio aspect.

Current Reference System
 I am using following components.
LP Player Kenwood KP-1100
 (SHURE V15-TypeIV, Audio Technica AT-33ML OCC)
DVD Player Hitachi DVL-P900CD and Panasonic Portable Player
Main Amplifier Accuphase P-350
Control Amplifier Accuphase C-2000
Premain Amplifier
Yamaha A-S300

  There was no other reason why I chose above than reasonable prices.

 My father in law left expensive audio components like Europhon by Siemens, EMT927, D730 by Studer, Tube amplifier by Kitao Itoh. I do not hate them, but my applications interest me much more.

Speaker Drivers
 I use any manufacturer's products if available. My favorite is Nf5 Ex by Feastrex.

Message to Readers
  I am just an engineer. I carefully check my equations and theories in these pages, but I may have some mistaken, though I have Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

 Your report concerning my errors, mistakes and theoretical failures is very much appreciated.

  Please contact me at  .

  MCAP-CR is patented by Japan Patent Office (patent# 5083703).
  It is not for commercial use without contract.
  Try one of applications and make sure that MCAP-CR is good for highest-end applications, if you are interested in commercial use.

  This is personal small laboratory. Any kind of financial assistance is appreciated.
  Contact me at: .

  Author: Shigeru Suzuki

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